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Aquael LEDDY TUBE Retro fitAquael LEDDY TUBE Retro fit

The LEDDY TUBE modules use the latest LED technology and consume as a result, when emitting the same amount of light as traditional fluorescent tubes, half less electricity and thus make immediately positive
the electricity bill and also make an active contribution for environmental protection. An added benefit is their longevity. In contrast to conventional fluorescent tubes, the luminous efficacy already after a Year by half, they can be used for many years without that an exchange is required, which also saves a lot of money becomes.
The LEDDY TUBE modules are very uncomplicated in installation. Every model is special adapters are included, with which they can be installed in any luminaires can. The LEDDY TUBE modules have an autonomous power supply. This is the module version PLANT, which is the natural one Sunlight is modeled. (Color temperature 8,000 K) and especially for plants was developed.


  • Consume 50% less power than conventional fluorescent tubes
  • long life (no frequent replacement required)
  • uncomplicated installation
  • universally applicable (T5 & T8 adapter included)
  • wide model selection

NemoLight Aqua Marine LED 72W
Loe edasi250.00 EUR
NemoLight Aqua Marine LED 96W
Loe edasi305.00 EUR
Aquael Leddy SLIM
energy-efficient (consume half as much power as regular fluorescent lamps) long-lived (up to 50 thousand hours of operation) versatile (can be used w...
Loe edasi70.00 EUR
NemoLight II Power Aqua Marine 24W LED
24W210 x 150 x 17,5mmLed: 21tk
Loe edasi145.00 EUR
NemoLight II Power Aqua Marine 48W LED
48W420 x 150 x 17,5mmled: 42tk
Loe edasi205.00 EUR
NemoLight II Power Aqua Marine 72W LED
72W630 x 150 x 17,5mmLed: 63tk
Loe edasi255.00 EUR
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