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Aquael Leddy SLIMAquael Leddy SLIM

  leddy slim szar ziel
  • energy-efficient (consume half as much power as regular fluorescent lamps)
  • long-lived (up to 50 thousand hours of operation)
  • versatile (can be used with tanks of various sizes)
  • can be used with custom-sized tanks
  • fashionable white colour
  • a modern flat design
  • four LED versions (SUNNY, PLANT, MARINE, ACTINIC)



LEDDY SLIM lamps – designed for freshwater and marine open aquariums (without a lid). LEDDY SLIM is an absolute novelty in the market. The lamps employ carefully selected LEDs which ensure proper lighting of the aquarium, provide excellent living conditions for its inhabitants, and create a unique visual effect. The lamps are made of corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean glass. Thanks to their futuristic flat design and fashionable white colour, the lamps fit perfectly with modern aquarium tanks and look great in any room interior. In addition, the lamps are highly versatile thanks to the use of sliding brackets allowing for them to be mounted on tanks of different lengths, including custom-sized tanks. AQUAEL offers a wide range of models for tanks that are 20 to 120 cm in length. 

The LEDDY SLIM lamps are available in four different versions: The SUNNY (colour temperature of 6500 K) and PLANT (8000 K) versions are designed for freshwater aquariums, including plant aquariums, whereas the MARINE (colour temperature of 10000 K) and ACTINIC (20000 K) versions are designed for marine aquariums. The line includes models designed for tanks that are 20 to 120 cm in length (LEDDY SLIM 5 W, LEDDY SLIM 10 W, LEDDY SLIM 32 W, LEDDY SLIM 36 W). Thanks to the use of light-emitting diodes, these lamps do not require frequent replacement and consume half as much energy as regular fluorescent lamps.

The innovative self-repair system


Being the most up-to-date lighting solution for aquariums, light-emitting diodes have been actively displacing the outdated fluorescent lamps from the market. They provide the ideal light parameters for an aquarium tank, while consuming far less energy than conventional light sources. In addition, their service life is several times longer than that of fluorescent lamps. This means additional savings, as there is no need for frequent replacement.

In order to make their service life even longer, AQUAEL, the leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures for aquariums, has implemented a novel solution. The latest generation of the LEDDY SLIM and RetroFit lamps is equipped with an innovative self-repair system.


In the course of time, some of the LEDs installed in a lamp may occasionally fail. AQUAEL has developed a self-repair system to provide an effective solution to this problem. In the SUNNY version of LED lamps, if a diode stops working, its functions are taken over by the neighbouring diodes, which START EMITTING LIGHT WITH AN INCREASED POWER. Thanks to this, even after the failure of individual LEDs, the lamp continues to operate properly, and the light power and parameters remain unchanged.


In the PLANT version of LED lamps, the self-repair system is based on the presence of ADDITIONAL LEDs that ARE OUT OF OPERATION in a new lamp. This is normal and by design. The additional LEDs are only activated if one of the primary diodes stops working. In this way, the lamp continues to operate properly, and the light power and parameters remain unchanged.

Thanks to the new self-repair system, the LEDDY SLIM lamps will serve even longer, providing the ideal lighting conditions for observing the aquarium and for the growth of plants.

NemoLight Aqua Fresh LED 36W
Loe edasi190.00 EUR
NemoLight Aqua Marine LED 72W
Loe edasi250.00 EUR
NemoLight Aqua Marine LED 96W
Loe edasi305.00 EUR
Aquael LEDDY TUBE Retro fit
The LEDDY TUBE modules use the latest LED technology and consume as a result, when emitting the same amount of light as traditional fluorescent tubes,...
Loe edasi25.00 EUR
NemoLight II Power Aqua Marine 24W LED
24W210 x 150 x 17,5mmLed: 21tk
Loe edasi145.00 EUR
NemoLight II Power Aqua Marine 48W LED
48W420 x 150 x 17,5mmled: 42tk
Loe edasi205.00 EUR
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