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Aquael Maxi KaniAquael Maxi Kani

Aquael Multikani
AQUAEL MULTIKANI is the world's first universal filter that can be adapted to the individual needs of every aquarist and the requirements of every aqu...
Loe edasi55.00 EUR
Aquael Versamax
VERSAMAX is an external hang-on filter designed for the filtration and aeration of water in regular-sized and nano-aquariums. Thanks to its high throu...
Loe edasi32.00 EUR
Aquael Ultramax
Loe edasi140.00 EUR
Aquael Ultrafilter
Loe edasi105.00 EUR
Eheim Classic 250 (2213)
Loe edasi95.00 EUR
Eheim Classic 350 (2215)
Loe edasi135.00 EUR
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