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Automaattoitja BOYUAutomaattoitja BOYU

Novel design and elegant outlook.
Removable food canister.
LED display.
Humanized setup mode. Different feeding may be programmed according to different types of breeding and feeding habits.
Variety of setup modes are available for your choose.
Real time and easy using controlling models make feed automatical.
24h real time controlling model: it can be set 1~4 times of feeding points within 4 hours.
Easy using model: set the internal time for feeding only. Set for 1 or 2 circle feeding model which can control the feeding amount.
2 pieces of 1.5V batteries power; led display shows time and controlling information.
With alarm function when the voltage of the batteries is too low.

Automattoitja Resun AF-2003
Loe edasi20.00 EUR
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