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IODI+ supplies the hard corals in your aquarium with the iodine they need to grow and for colouration. It also helps them to adapt to lighting variations and neutralises the excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae under excessive lighting and therefore combats coral bleaching. 

IODI+ is also particularly recommended for Xenia, Anthelia, Clavularia and corallimorphs.

BIODIGEST is made up of natural nitrifying, nitrate reducing and facultative bacterial strains selected for their ability to convert ammonia into nitr...
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Prodibio BIOPTIM BIOPTIM contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (selected amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins (including riboflavi...
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Reef Booster
All types of coral, even those with zooxanthellae, which feed on light, require nutrient supplements. REEF BOOSTER is a complete nutrient supplement c...
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Strontium is an essential trace element in reef aquariums and is vital for coral development in closed reef tank environments. Strontium also stimulat...
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Stop Ammo
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