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Aquael Hexa Set II Aquael Hexa Set II

Thanks to their unique shape, HEXA aquariums will beautify any room, be it a stylish living room, a hallway, a study or an office, or even a children's room.

Water tank
HEXA SET 20 includes a 20-liter hexagonal tank with the dimensions 30x30x44 cm. A special frame protects the bottom of the tank and makes it possible to freely carry the tank around.
HEXA SET 60 includes a 60-liter hexagonal tank with the dimensions 41x41x60 cm. The bottom of the tank is reinforced with a frame.

HEXA SET water tanks are made of durable glass panels of proper thickness that are bonded with special black silicone. This not only makes the tank durable and watertight but also reduces the discernibility of dirt and sediment.

Lid and filtration
The top of the tank is protected with a black lid with inbuilt 9-watt energy-efficient lighting and a flow-through filter based on the reliable Circulator pump. The filter, which is integrated into the lid, does not require additional space either inside or outside of the tank.

The HEXA SET includes the COMFORTZONE precision heater with heat regulation.

Components of the HEXA SET:

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