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Aquael Unimax
UNIMAX filters are designed for the filtration and aeration of water in freshwater or marine aquariums. High-performance pumps and large filtering cap...
Loe edasi95.00 EUR
Aquael Minikani
MINIKANI is an external canister filter designed for the filtration of water in freshwater aquariums and aquaterrariums. Thanks to its external suctio...
Loe edasi65.00 EUR
Aquael Midikani
MIDIKANI 800 is a canister filter designed for water filtration in aquariums with the capacity of up to 250 liters. It combines the advantages of conv...
Loe edasi90.00 EUR
Aquael Multikani
AQUAEL MULTIKANI is the world's first universal filter that can be adapted to the individual needs of every aquarist and the requirements of every aqu...
Loe edasi57.00 EUR
Aquael ASAP
Many modern canister filters available on the market are often fitted with mechanisms and devices meant to make their user’s lives easier.Howeve...
Loe edasi75.00 EUR
Aquael Versamax
VERSAMAX is an external hang-on filter designed for the filtration and aeration of water in regular-sized and nano-aquariums. Thanks to its high throu...
Loe edasi30.00 EUR
Aqua Nova NCF
Loe edasi55.00 EUR
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